An industry led college for 16–19-year-olds in the heart of Birmingham has welcomed a number of new staff and students for the new academic year. 


Opening its doors for only the third year, BOA Stage and Screen Academy will welcome a new bunch of a students who are passionate about reaching careers in the TV and Film industry. 


The Academy has recruited a number of new teachers across the board for this upcoming year, one of which being former TV Director, Louise Tugwell. After over 20 years of work in the industry, Louise has become the new ‘Head of Screen’ – a department lead across multiple pathways at the college. Louise Tugwell commented in a recent post ‘I’m looking forward to collaborating with many more of the exceptionally talented individuals who are helping to reshape the face of film and TV in the Midlands and who I know will inspire our amazing students’ after an industry-led panel in the first week of the new year. She went on to say, ‘Together we can help foster the growth of the next generation of great storytellers right here in Birmingham…’.


As part of the BOA group, the academy has had a monumental first two years of educating and training the region’s young talent on becoming the new faces of the stage and screen industry. BOA Stage and Screen Production Academy boasts a 3-storey, purpose-built facility to house these new students, equipped with TV Studios, Hair, and Make-up suite, Acting for screen studio, production gallery and much more. All of the industry standard equipment and training has resulted in 100% of the first wave of students passing their grade, with 81% achieving the highest grade possible.


The college opens in extraordinary timing for the future generation of the industry in the Midlands, as Birmingham’s new Digbeth Loc is currently in development, as well as the announcement of the BBC’s brand-new Midlands base after being located in the Mailbox for nearly two decades.


BOA Stage and Screen Production Academy opens its doors for the public on Wednesday the 17th of January 2024 for an academy-wide open day.