IT was not just fireworks lighting up the skies as the northern lights were spotted over Cradley Heath in a rare display which wowed stargazers across the UK.

News Group Camera Club member Gemma Cross captured the scene from Haden Hill as the stunning display of greens, purples and pinks lit up the skies of Britain last night (Sunday November 5).

She said: "Aurora meets fireworks.

"Lovely to see the Aurora Borealis, in-between clouds.

"It's very active today."

Halesowen News: The northern lights over Haden Hill The northern lights over Haden Hill (Image: Gemma Cross)

The colourful aurora, created by high-speed electrically charged particles from space colliding with gas molecules in Earth's upper atmosphere, is typically visible near the Earth's magnetic poles.

However, occasionally it can be seen in the night sky over Britain.

Meteorologist Dan Holley tipped UK people off on his Twitter feed at about 6pm last night.

He urged: "If you have clear skies, look to the north right now.

"Not even fully dark yet but Aurora clearly visible by eye."