Tis D’ Season

On Monday 13th November, the annual Christmas lights switch on took place in Coventry. This fun, festive and free event advertises, to families, close ones, and any lover of the Christmas season. The ‘D’ in the title stands for December! As the winter season is approaching, nights are getting darker, and the weather is becoming colder. This event is significant in Coventry as the light switch brings members of the community together to enjoy the event. It also sets the Christmas spirit. Further following this, Coventry German market also returns on the 18th of November. 

What takes place? 

There is a large stage where many performances occur, starting from Santa’s band, Freeman dance school and many other local acts. Santa’s’ band plays Christmas themed music for the crowd to singalong. The performances are entertaining and force people to engage as the Christmas spirit between everyone is undeniable. Following that at the end, there’s a 30 second countdown that takes place for the Christmas tree and lights to be illuminated. 

My experience

I was happy to be present at this local event as it is my favourite season of the year, and the lights really make a difference in the city; ‘he’s put a great big smile on someone’s face’ - I wish it could be Christmas every day, Wizzard.

Christmas lights are very pretty to look at and seeing them could potentially brighten someone’s day. Additionally, it also inspires people to begin decorating their homes, from putting up the tree, to the outdoor decorations displayed on your house, to the stockings!


Tis D’ Season!