WORKERS and businesses on Pensnett Trading Estate have reacted to the huge industrial fire this morning (Thursday, November 30).

On Facebook, user Glennjnr Butt, who works at HandiCare on the estate, saw the huge flames filling the sky this morning.

He said it was a "bad fire" and added that he was "glad" that no one was hurt.

Industrial cleaners Matt Arrowsmith and Jason Aldridge, who work for Valgrove Limited, were called to help clear drains following the fire.

They said their boss called and said it was the "biggest flames he'd ever seen."

Mr Arrowsmith said: "Our boss lives at the back of Pensnett trading estate. He heard there was a big fire and we've got a contract with a company that maintains the drains on this site.

"We got the call that a lot of fire water went down the drains and it's heading for the interceptor that then runs off site.

So we've come here to prevent any oil or fire water going offsite. We've got to maintain the drains and make sure that everything's clear".

"From what the boss said the flames were pretty big".

Companies on the estate have had their business disrupted today due to the fire.

Martin and Griffiths Kingswinford Ltd posted on Facebook: "I'm very sorry to our customers today but as of this morning the Pensnett Trading Estate has been shut by Police and Fire Services with no one allowed in as they deal with a big Factory fire opposite our building."

Elta Fans said: "Due to a recent fire near our Kingswinford site, the industrial estate where our warehouse and offices are located is currently closed.

"This may cause some disruption to orders and delivery times, but we will do our very best to minimise this as much as possible.

"Please note that our phone lines and emails will continue to be handled as normal.

"It is looking likely that our site will remain closed for the rest of today, however we are hoping to be back tomorrow".