POLICE in Halesowen have issued tickets to motorists caught parking inconsiderately during this morning's school run outside Lutley Primary School.

Halesowen Police officers from the neighbourhood team were carrying out checks outside the school this morning (Tuesday January 9) and later took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to call out drivers parking unsafely outside the school in Brookwillow Road.

In a social post they said that tickets had been issued after motorists were seen parking on footpaths, on junctions, on zig zag lines and in the school entrance area and they said: “This is not acceptable.”

Their full post on X read: “Halesowen NHT School Patrols at Lutley Primary School this morning. Inconsiderate parking on the footpath, junctions, zig zags & in the school entrance. This is not acceptable. Tickets have been issued.”