TREES at a Halesowen beauty spot have been brought down by heavy winds of Storm Isha.

Wardens at The Leasowes off Mucklow Hill said the winds had felled a horse chestnut which had then brought down another two trees, opening up a "huge gap in the canopy."

They said on social media today (Tuesday January 23): "Unfortunately we've lost a few trees in South Valley during storm Isha.

"The winds brought down a horse chestnut which in turn brought down one of the large hybrid poplars and another chestnut.

"This has opened up a huge gap in the canopy which, though dramatic, will increase light levels for the wild garlic and benefit the next generation of trees.

"The path is now open again."

One commentator said: "Sad but Mother Nature has her own remedy.

"I was up there this afternoon and wondered why all the chain saws were busy."