Music Take Over

On January 26th, my classmates and I filmed and produced a music video featuring the band ’CityLightz’. This was our school project that we have been working on for the past few months. To gain full professional experience, we went through the stages of pre-production, production, and post-production. This helps prepare us for the industry.

Our idea generation 

The music genre of the band is indie Rock, so we thought to have a jazz club setting, which reflects the music genre. For costume, we thought that casual clothing is fitting for the band members, as it reflects the general aesthetic of the people in the band. Additionally, in class, we learnt about a multi-cam set up, so we included that for our camera set up to show the different shots from different points of views. 

Behind the scenes

Every member in our group played a key part in this production. We all had to apply for positions and state why we’d be the best person for that position. I chose to be production design as I am a creative person and I believe that I have good communication and teamwork skills, enabling me to listen people’s ideas and ensure everyone is happy with the design set design.

Our teachers from BOA treated us like adults, this was effective because it gave us more confidence and helped us to be more independent in this project.


Lots of hard work, time and preparation was put into this production. The outcome of our music video was amazing! All the students are talented, and this project was a music take over!