A review on an exhilarating play for all types of viewers, The Full Monty is a play that has been derived from the infamous 1997 film starring Robert Carlyle. It comes in the form of a comedic nature where 6 unemployed steel workers from Sheffield take on the role of male strippers to earn a living. 

This play touches deep upon themes including: 

Body positivity – Being able to express themselves while discovering themselves as they were meeting new people. 

Single parents – The struggles of not being able to see their child while trying to make a living.

Suicidal thoughts – The possibilities of finding yourself again and emitting the suicidal thoughts that may be in people as presented by the police guard. 

Social divide - ‘people like us’ as said by Gary because he was being presented by as the lower class. This sums up the common ideology about people views to lower class and the full Monty helps divert those thoughts. 

Diversity – People of all shaped and sizes getting together to form a group. This is as the people in the group are of all ages, sizes and colours which helps bring together society as a whole. 

But it also touches on real life dilemmas including: 

Cost of living- As seen in the play the main character Gary cannot see his son due to financial issues and debt, so he must make quick money to be connected with his son again which was done great by the cast. 

Body positivity – As seen by Dave in the play he begins to become insecure within his body but proceeds to evolve into being proud of his body. As this is a very prominent issue within the modern world it was important to take this topic with delicacy but while making light-hearted jokes to keep the audience alive. 

Homophobia – Gay characters were able to connect with other gay characters which formed a state of belonging for them and the whole homosexual community. 

Overall Review – The Full Monty play is a great way to boost peoples moral but in an enlightening way as a lot of topics were touched individually. It is an excellent presented play while it still maintains the comedic value of the original film. The full Monty is a fantastic way for everyone to get together to have a laugh but also have the deeper meaning in the back of their mind.

'Funny and exciting' Adedamola Aderupoko. The play being described by a viewer.