A NEW women's football academy is being launched by Halesowen College in collaboration with Halesowen Town FC - with former England player Kerys Harrop on board.

The academy, which will launch in September, aims to provide aspiring female footballers with a comprehensive sports education while nurturing their passion for the game.

Head coach Craig Nicholls will lead the exciting venture, ensuring students receive quality training from experienced coaches.

To support the football training and coaching elements, learners will be supported by education delivered by Halesowen College ensuring they receive a well-rounded academic experience.

Former England international and Wolverhampton University lecturer Kerys Harrop will be an ambassador for the programme and will support players in their development on and off the pitch.

Head coach Craig Nicholls said "We are thrilled to introduce the new Women's Football Academy at Halesowen College. "

"Our goal is to empower young women and provide them with the necessary skills and guidance to succeed in the world of football and help students reach their maximum potential both on and off the pitch."

Sadie Gardner, Head of Division for Sport & Public Services at Halesowen College, said: “‘Launching the Women's Halesowen Town FC Academy brings a new era of opportunity and empowerment, championing equality and shaping a brighter future for women in football."

For details contact Craig Nicholls on e mail at tfcoachingschool@yahoo.com