A HALESOWEN grandmother has hit out at the state of the town's roads after her tyre burst when she hit a large pothole, leaving her stranded.

Mary Hadley's tyre burst and the rim of her wheel was damaged by the pothole on Belle Vale on Thursday (February 8) when she was collecting her grandchildren from school.

The 63-year-old retired teacher has complained to Dudley Council about the state of the borough's roads, which she says are riddled with potholes and has applied to claim back £80 she had to spend on a new tyre for her Citroën C1.

Halesowen News: The pothole on Belle Vale, HalesowenThe pothole on Belle Vale, Halesowen (Image: Handout)

She said there are also large holes on Lutley Lane and Huntingtree Road in Halesowen.

Mary, who lives in Halesowen, said: "The pothole wrecked my tyre and damaged the rim of my wheel.

"Luckily we were not injured but more by luck as the road was pretty quiet at the time.

"The impact with the pothole did scare both myself and my grandchild.

"Driving around the borough is a nightmare and even in close proximity there are several potholes on Lutley and Huntingtree Roads that are just as bad.

Halesowen News: The pothole which burst Mary's tyreThe pothole which burst Mary's tyre (Image: Handout)

"I know the financial difficulties that Dudley Council are facing at the moment but surely we deserve better as tax-paying motorists.

"Also if like myself these motorists are trying to recoup their losses this only causes matters to get worse!

"I pay to drive on these roads and not only can I not afford the extra cost of these repairs caused by the terrible state of these roads but I shouldn’t have to foot the bill on top of my road tax."

Halesowen News: The burst tyre on Mary's car The burst tyre on Mary's car (Image: Handout)

Mary's son came to her rescue and pumped up the tyre so that she could get to a garage.

She said when she tried to report the pothole on Belle Vale, the council's website wouldn't let her as it had already been reported.

Dudley Council has been contacted for comment.