AN UNINSURED learner driver was caught by police driving without headlights along a country lane at night in Clent.

He was stopped after pulling out of a parking space on Hagley Wood Lane on Saturday (February 17) at 10.30pm.

He has been fined and his car has been seized. He was also issued with a traffic offence report amounting to nine penalty points. 

Halesowen News: The car was seized and the driver was fined

He claimed he had forgotten how to put his lights on when police constable Ryan Clarke pulled him over.

The driver also claimed he was insured, however, checks confirmed he was not insured and was only a provisional licence holder.

The incident prompted West Mercia Police to put out a warning about driving without insurance.

Police constable Clarke said: “We will always seek to prosecute uninsured drivers.

“Not only do they put other members of the public at risk, but they are also a contributing factor to high insurance rates for everyone.

"If you can’t insure it, don’t drive it.”