A HALESOWEN primary school encouraged children to explore their feelings to mark Children’s Mental Health Week.

Staff at St Margaret's at Hasbury CE Primary School spent the week working with children to support their emotional wellbeing and resilience through a series of activities.

Classrooms at the school on Hagley Road were transformed into different spaces - each representing a different emotion.

Students took part in activities tailored to these emotions.

Year five pupils also delved into the story, 'When Sadness Comes to Call' by Eva Eland.

The book resonated with the children, teaching them an invaluable lesson - sadness won't be forever, but it might come back another day.

Staff at the school encouraged pupils to acknowledge their emotions.

This enables them to develop healthy coping strategies and effectively manage their emotional well-being.

Sara Shepherd, headteacher at St Margaret’s at Hasbury CE Primary School, said: "We are committed to investing in the mental health of our pupils.

"By participating in Children's Mental Health Week, we have taken a significant step towards ensuring the flourishing and overall wellbeing of our young learners.

"By celebrating who they are every day, St Margaret's continues to foster resilience, emotional intelligence, and a strong sense of self in its school community."