As a result of the cost of living crisis, reliance on foodbanks has largely increased, with local people relying on these charities for emergency food and care. An example is The Black Country Food Bank.


Beginning in 2006, Black Country Food Bank is a Christian-based charity, set up to provide local people with emergency food and toiletry supplies for a few days, before a long term solution can be reached. This works through the issuing of food vouchers to local organisations who encounter those in need. The vouchers are then passed onto those people who can visit their local distribution centre to exchange the voucher for food.


The Black Country Food Bank has its central distribution centre on Albion Street, DY5, 3EE, with a number of other distribution centres within the surrounding areas. According to the Black Country Foodbank’s 2022 annual report, the number of meals provided by the charity increased by 31% from 2021 to 2022, equating to 517,469 meals provided to those in need from the 27 centres and other partner organisations.


The report also stated there was a 39% increase of those supported from the previous year, and unlike previous years, this increase remained consistent throughout the year, instead of a peak around Christmas time. The Food Bank stated, “this is likely due to the energy crisis and costs of living crisis”.


These figures imply the need for local foodbanks and the dependence on local communities, as many charities, such as the Black Country Food Bank rely on financial and tangible donations. Donations including long life milk, as well as tinned goods including soups and fish, and toiletry goods such as shampoo and toilet rolls.


After speaking to Lynne Tilby, Dudley, and Sandwell coordinator for the Black Country Food Bank she said, “The Black Country, like everywhere, is still feeling the impact of the cost-of-living crisis as in reality, although inflation is easing, prices are not falling. In went 2023 we have calculated that we were giving out 63 meals every hour, this equates to 549,394 meals given out overall. We can’t thank those who donate enough to the mission of Black Country Foodbank, but in all of this, a big thank you has to go out to all our volunteers, working behind the scenes, offering a friendly face to those who use our foodbanks”.


Black Country Food Bank has a shopping list for donations, which can be found online at: and donations can be handed in to the distribution centre on Albion Street, or a number of other local centres, which can also be found on their website.