Concert craze!

On February 17th, my friends and I went to go see the RnB music artist, ‘Mariah the scientist’ at Birmingham 02 Institute. This was her ‘To Be Eaten Alive’ 2024 tour and she is touring Europe as well as the US. The tour name ‘To Be Eaten Alive’, could be implied to how she feels when she is performing as numerous fans are showing her love and how she is performing in many locations. 

The concert experience

The concert began at 6:00 but we didn’t get inside the venue until quarter to 7. Ryan Trey, who is another RnB singer, was her opening act and played a few of his songs for a small interlude.

He is mainly known through his collab with Bryson Tiller on the song ‘Nowhere to run’. This opening act was a smart choice as his music genre and general vibe reflected hers. She later came on at around 8pm where she started with her song ‘Good times’.

Mariah the scientist wore a red two piece which reflects the theme of her music, which is love. She consistently wears red when performing, as it’s her favourite colour. Furthermore, the colour red also signifies passion which can be related to the heartfelt lyrics in all of her songs. My favourite song of hers is ‘from a woman’, ‘spread thin’ and ‘bout mine.’  This is because they are quite meaningful to me and relatable. Her target audience is directed to lover girls and/or people who have experienced heartbreak. She is quite interactive with the audience and is a great performer.

Concert Craze 

Recently, many artists have announced tour dates this year, such as Bryson Tiller and Aboogie Wit Da Hoodie. Bryson Tiller is performing in the UK after many years. His tickets got sold out with efficiency in the 02-priority sale and in the general sale there was not many tickets left. This resulted in him releasing more dates for certain venues. 

Are you going to a concert this year? The concert craze is contagious!