Eden Girls Leadership Academy, previously ranked 4th in the national GCSE performance tables, holds a sale within the school to raise money, 100% of which is donated to charity. 

The school: 

Eden Girls Leadership Academy is a secondary school under star academies and began running in 2019. Its outstanding GCSE results resulted in the school gaining an amazing reputation and was even awarded the 11-16 school of the year award in the 2024 Parent Power National Awards. 

 The school has displayed their excellent values and the etiquette and discipline put in place in the school. No doubt positively influences its pupils through their many acts of charity, even funding money to buy an ambulance to aid victims of the Israel - Gaza war.  

Once again, the school shows its great compassion by holding another charity event. 

Nik on Unsplash">Halesowen News: Cupcakes being sold at the saleCupcakes being sold at the sale (Image: Tim Bish, Unsplash)

I enjoy taking part in these sales. I get to help people and I normally wouldn't get the opportunity to do something like this"



Contents of the sale: 

The event is held within the school exclusively for the pupils where they sell a variety of things to eat such as: drinks, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, pizza, samosas, and many more enjoyable items. 

It will be held within the school for pupils and staff only on the 1st of March. Just like many of the schools' previous events the sale has been organised with the help of staff and pupils.  

Eden Girls Birmingham has proven that it is, no doubt, an award-winning school.