The Escape - Documentary trailer

This term our college project was to create a documentary trailer based on a mental health recovery. We were put into five groups and had to select what mental illness we wanted to focus on. My group picked ‘schizophrenia’ as this is normally overlooked in the media and so people can get a deeper understanding of the mental illness.  On 11th and 13th of March, we filmed our footage for the documentary trailer at BOA and Millennium point. Following that, the next week we edited it. 


What it is about & purpose 

Our log line: After abusive parents accidentally killed Sarah which meant that younger brother Sebastian is left with the trauma which caused him to develop Schizophrenia and PTSD. The child threw him selves into false realities to cope with his trauma. Can Sebastian decide what is real and what is fake?

The purpose of our documentary trailer is to raise awareness of this mental illness, give people a better understanding of the mental illness and portray the person affected as a good person. This is because normally people with schizophrenia are villainised in the media and depicted as a bad person. This will be changed in our trailer through showcasing what they experience on the daily and their struggles, but also how people are affected by schizophrenia they can recover and get better. The requirements of our documentary trailer are to include an exposition, rising action climax and falling action.

Behind the scenes

The name, ‘The Escape’ was a random idea from a member in my group; this was decided as the finalised title for the documentary trailer, as it was an unintentionally fitting title.  be perceived as person affected by schizophrenia, and two relieved from the thoughts and hallucinations experience due to the PTSD.