PUPILS at an Oldbury school where drivers park illegally putting their lives in danger are calling for responsible parking.

Our Lady & St. Hubert’s Catholic Primary School is on a red route, which means no stopping, however some drivers are choosing to stop and park illegally.

Civil Enforcement Officers and CCTV enforcement vehicles patrol Moat Road on a regular basis and vehicles observed parking in contravention are issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Sandwell Council’s Road Safety Team has delivered assemblies to pupils to make them aware of concerns and to remind children to be vigilant and follow road safety rules on their journeys to and from school.

Pupils have created a banner for the school railing and signs which have been placed on lighting columns near the school area to encourage drivers to respect the red route and park legally and responsibly.

The children who created the winning banner and sign designs were rewarded with a certificate and road safety goodies at a celebration assembly.

Children and their families are being encouraged to walk to school whenever possible or ‘Park and Stride’ from Barnford Park to keep the area around the school as safe as possible for the safety of everyone.

Councillor Danny Millard, Sandwell Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways, said: “This is another great example of our road safety team working together with a local school and school children to raise awareness of responsible parking, to help keep our children safe."

Our Lady and St. Hubert's Catholic Primary School Principal, Olga O’Beirne, said: “We have recently run an awareness-raising safe parking campaign.

“We have encouraged our children and their families to walk to school whenever possible to support this initiative to keep the area around school as safe as possible.

"By actively participating in the campaign, our pupils have been empowered to make a difference to their local community.”