Bad parking around Halesowen has once again been caught on camera by police. 

Halesowen Police took to social media to shame a number of motorists for the way they had parked their cars with one completely covering the footpath. 

The car that was parked on the footpath was blocking the route for pedestrians despite police previously warning that pathways should have enough space for a wheelchair,  children’s pushchair or a blind person with an assistance dog to get by. 

Halesowen News: Police are issuing fixed penalty notices Police are issuing fixed penalty notices (Image: Halesowen Police)

Police have also told residents that unnecessary obstructions will lead to a fixed penalty notice coming through their door. 

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, a spokesperson for Halesowen Police said: "Halesowen NHT are continuing to find more inconsiderately parked vehicles around Halesowen.

"If you are parking your vehicle like these examples then expect a fixed penalty coming through your door real soon."