Three men have been jailed after using machetes and knives to carry out a “savage” attack in a park in the Black Country. 

A group of three men were left with slash injuries to their bodies following the attack at Palfrey Park, Walsall, on May 1, 2023.

Halesowen News: Adam SidatAdam Sidat (Image: West Midlands Police)

Adam Sidat, aged 20, from Walsall, and Awais Butt, aged 20, from Rowley Regis, had pleaded not guilty to wounding and possession of a machete.

Fida Butt, aged 18, or Rowley Regis, had pleaded not guilty to wounding.
All three were found guilty of the charges following a trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court. They were sentenced last Tuesday (April 9).

Halesowen News: Awais ButtAwais Butt (Image: West Midlands Police)

Awais Butt and Sidat were both handed jail terms of 11 years while Fida Butt was jailed for six years.
The three men had visited Palfrey Park on May 1 with the attack taking place at around 4pm.

There was another group of men in the park and Sidat shouted over to one of the men who came over.
Sidat said to the man ‘You robbed something?’ before he pulled out a 15 inch long curved machete from a black case. 
Both Awais and Fida Butt took out a knife. The man was then struck to the head with the machete and knives.

Two of his friends went to his aid and were also attacked by the three defendants with all suffering slash injuries to their bodies.

Both Awais and Fida Butt, and Sidat then ran out of the park and onto Queen Mary Street where their movements were captured on CCTV.

Halesowen News: Fida ButtFida Butt (Image: West Midlands Police)
Officers secured footage of the three men running into Cobden Street where they were captured going into a communal car park.
The three suspects were arrested on May 4.

An identity parade took place and all three victims picked out Sidat as one of the attackers while Awais Butt was also picked out.
DC Simon Pritchard, investigating officer at Walsall CID, said: “This was a savage attack carried out with a machete and knives.

"The brutal attack was launched in a local park in broad daylight and the three victims suffered many injuries to their bodies. CCTV was crucial in identifying the three defendants involved.
“The sentences send out a clear message that the carrying and use of weapons including machetes and knives will not be tolerated on the streets of Walsall.”