A PIECE of 'Halesowen Banksy' art has appeared on a landmark building in Halesowen.

The artwork depicting a young child on a swing has popped up on the former House and Haven building on Mucklow Hill.

Halesowen News:

People have been snapping pictures of the eye-catching image.

Readers Paul Jones, Sara Lee and Adam Sale sent their pictures of the graffiti to the news.

It is believed to have been spray-painted by Birmingham graffiti artist Disney, whose depictions resemble the works of internationally renowned Banksy.

Halesowen News:

Plans for an Asda and Starbucks drive-thru at the site of the former showroom have been thrown out by Dudley Council, although the council has granted permission for the building to be flattened.

Halesowen News:

The mysterious Disney has left many artworks over the town over previous years, with them delighting residents whenever they pop up.

Previous deigns include a young girl sitting down at Rainbow Hill Chinese takeaway on Coombs Road, the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee at MAC Black Belt Academy on Hereward Rise, a young boy on Ivy Street, a boy on the M5 bridge in Quinton and a boy boxer at Benjamin’s in Birmingham Street as well as an astronaut carrying a Tesco bag at Group Gear Ltd on Bromsgrove Road.