Halesowen Town Football Club hit the road to Berkhamsted's home ground to claim a 1-0 victory in their final Southern Central League clash.

The club add to their impressive end-of-season résumé, successfully claiming their 5th win in their last 6 meetings with fellow competitors to cement an impressive, high-ranked standing to firmly place themselves within the Southern Central League's top 10 contending clubs, and things are only set to look up after numerous impressive outings against the most acclaimed of competing clubs.

The club's lone goal came from highly-appraised Striker Kieran Donnelly, coming long before half-time was called to cruise to a comfortable victory after a great display of skills. Donnelly had also greatly aided the Yeltz' last outing with Berkhamsted, scoring points with Forward teammate Miracle Okafor to rally against the rival club in a 2-1 display on November 18th, 2023 at The Grove. Several fans of Halesowen Town travelled out to watch their final match of the league.

I mean, it's truly great, isn't it? What a way to close things out!

- Thomas Cartwright

Long-standing Halesowen Town supporter, Thomas Cartwright, quickly expressed his thoughts towards the club's victory, stating: "It really is amazing. Watching a team that I've supported for so long come out and win their final game, especially on rival turf, was a sight to see! Halesowen Town have nowhere left to go but up, especially after their last few dominant performances!"

Halesowen Town's only defeat in their last 6 games came in the form of a narrowly-fought 1-0 defeat to Leamington Football Club, acting as the only blemish to their most recently recorded games. Leamington ended their Southern Central League efforts at 3rd, a mere 5 places above Halesowen Town's own.

"Kieran's magnificent, I must say. As a fan, I owe a lot of personal thanks to the whole team for pulling it out of the bag and putting our club's name on the map. Their playing has been exceptional this season and I really can't stress how well they've performed all-around. Hopefully now people can see why I have them as my lock-screen!", Cartwright added.

Fellow club supporter, Joshua Wood, was also impressed with the club's performance, saying: "I'm just upset that I wasn't able to make it out this time around! Probably the only detractor from an otherwise great game."

Wood also praised the club's dedication in their most recent efforts alongside his fellow fan: "I think finishing in 8th is a very good testament to the club's dedication and how much effort they put in. All of our guys give their absolute all out there and they deserve nothing but success coming their way. I can see top rankings being a consistent thing for us going forward and I think the club has the ability to soar even higher than that!"

Halesowen Town's most recent victories have allowed them to climb further and further up the tables and earn their place as a top contender within the Southern Central League table, and deservedly so.