Cruising in Caribbean cuisines

On Saturday 27th April, my friends and I set off to Jamaya restaurant in Birmingham. My main task of the day was to interview some of the employees   through asking a few questions revolving around their job. I did this for further experience in the reporting side of journalism and as the entry for a competition in the young reporter scheme.


Jamaya restaurant 

The restaurant was overall a good experience; the music was great, the food was nice, and the workers were friendly. Additionally, the colour scheme was mainly blues, yellows and greens which are summer colours fitting the Caribbean culture. There was a variety of food choices in the menu as well as the option for bottomless brunch. They also offered different spice levels so their food can advertise to everyone’s taste! In the bathroom, there was a translation for a variety of words and phrases in Patois which was a nice touch to the restaurant.


I interviewed the manager of the restaurant asking her a few questions regarding her food recommendations from the menu, what is her favourite thing about working here and more. She gave me some lovely answers and had great energy, reflecting the vibe of the restaurant. 

Following this, I interviewed DJ Taz and asked him his favourite genre of music and what’s his average day dj-ing like. He answered to what’s your average day dj-ing like saying ‘it’s basically like brunch and vibes…i play some nice music!’ DJ Taz was also a friendly character in jamaya and played some good bangers, as-well as iconic mixes.

Overall, my friends and I enjoyed cruising in the Caribbean cuisines, and we would recommend you to eat there too!