Students from a local college in Birmingham have spent the past 6 months producing a new documentary set to be released later this year, titled The Social Curve - ‘TikTok Made Me Famous: Fake or Fact?’. 

Production Manager and host, Jessica-Chloe Watson, worked with 3 other BOA Stage & Screen students; Sam Lewis, Taylor Perks and Missy McDowell to produce the participatory documentary, and exceeded expectations of their own. What began as a small project at college quickly turned into meeting with influencers who have millions of followers across platforms. 

After months of planning and production, co-host and production manager Jessica-Chloe Watson mentioned that ‘It’s so exciting that the documentary is in the post-production stages, we can’t wait to show the public this piece of work, which is so prominent and relevant in today’s society, made by midlands-based creatives’.  

The documentary will be around 30-40 minutes long, featuring 2 key influencers in the UK TikTok scene, who are yet to be announced. The episode will be based on ‘Fame on TikTok: Fake or Fact?’, and the life behind being in the public eye. This can be based on many factors: workload, mental health, hate, career progression... 

Is TikTok changing futures for the better, or leaving behind a damaging social footprint that can never be erased? Is the fortune worth the fame?  

Filming for the documentary took around 1 month back in December last year, meanwhile the production team are busy editing the result, while keeping up to date with other college work. The documentary aims to appeal to the young-adult demographic, exploring the faces behind TikTok, and the effect it has on their day-to-day life.  

While there have been no announcements yet made, influencer reveals and trailers for the documentary will be released in the coming months, over the team’s social media pages, including of course, TikTok - @the.socialcurve on all platforms. 

The Social Curve – ‘TikTok Made Me Famous: Fake or Fact?’ is set to release later this year, so keep your eyes on social media for the date in the coming months!