The Dark Knight – the follow-up to Batman Begins which was released back in 2005 – reunites director Christopher Nolan with the caped crusader in his continuing war on crime.

In Gotham a bloody power struggle is raging between the organised crime bosses and the Joker.

With the help of police lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and idealistic district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Batman (Christian Bale) sets about his crime-busting mission.

As the film's title suggests Batman, with his new gravelly voice, becomes torn between good and bad, delving into darker realms more than ever before, edging closer to crossing the line between hero and vigilante. He longs for a time when the city will no longer need him.

Heath Ledger's scene-stealing performance deserves the posthumous acclaim. He is electrifying as the Joker – the master of chaos – who metes out horrific acts on his victims. Aaron Eckhart also stands out as the heroic prosecutor who, like Batman, journeys into the darkness.

The film lasts 152 minutes but really doesn't feel long. There are a few jump out of your seat moments and fantastic special effects aswell as the obligatory Batman gadgets. The Dark Knight surely is the film of the summer.