A Quinton woman has helped problem pooches all over the world in her role as a dog whisperer.

Nikki Brown learnt her trade in Utah, America and has volunteered with the Dogs Trust in the US and New Zealand.

She fosters traumatised and rescued dogs at her home in Chichester Drive and is currently caring for a greyhound called Annie from Hall Green Greyhound Trust which has kennels in Belbroughton.

Nikki, who left her role in sales and marketing seven years ago to work with canines, took on Annie because she has an agression problem and is making great progress with the pooch.

She is starting courses in Wolverhampton to pass on her wisdom - much of it learnt while working at a 400 acre animal sanctuary called Dogtown in stunning canyon territory.

The sanctuary in Utah houses around 800 dogs.

Nikki said: "There are enough dog training classes out there but nothing for dog owners and how to teach them to be leaders of the pack and give their dogs a happy and stress free life.

"These courses are very popular in America so I thought it would be a great idea to introduce them in the UK.

“Owners will learn how a dog thinks and what it really needs to be an important loving part of the family and how to overcome and combat behavioural issues including aggression, disobedience, shyness, nervousness and phobias."

The course will include all aspects of dog psychology and how to communicate with dogs without using voice, how alternative therapy such as dog massage and how animal chiropractic treatments save on vets bills, obedience classes, nutritional advice and other top tips to ensure owners get the most out of the relationship of their pets.

Nikki said she was bitten a few times at the start of her career when breaking up dogs from fighting, but now she has learnt when a dog is about to bite in time to take evasive action.

The Canine Angel training course is at the Equinox Healing Centre, Victoria Street, Wolverhampton on Sunday May 24.

For details ring Nikki on 07814 500 291 or visit www.canineangel.co.uk.