CHEEKY skateboarders have set up an internet web page giving each other tips about the best places to skate illegally in Halesowen and Quinton.

Despite having a state-of-the-art skatepark in the town the adrenaline junkies prefer to endanger themselves and others on public roads, car parks and shopping centres.

The Knowhere Guide blatantly urges skateboarders to trespass on private property and even dares those reckless enough to risk their life and limb in pursuit of good skate spots.

One piece of advice on the website reads: “Try skating down the helter skelter thing in Safeways (now Wilkinsons) car park, it’s unbelievable but painful if you misjudge it though.”

Another contributor agrees claiming they wait until the car park closes to the public: “The multi storey car park has a very cool spiral which is excellent after closing.”

And the ungrateful thrill seekers thumbed their nose at the official skatepark near Andrews Road, “it’s free but it sucks.”

The Knowhere Guide Halesowen skateboard page gives a fascinating insight into the dedication of the skateboarders and their commitment to their hobby.

They regularly ‘wax up’ kerb stones so they are more conducive to skateboarding and make the boards slide of the kerbs even faster.

Quinton is also a hot spot with the skateboarders with the pavements between The Full Moon pub and Quinton Methodist Church proving popular especially as the website gives advice about how to avoid on the spot fines.

One contributor wrote: “Woodbury Road by Quinton Methodist church has ten waxed up kerbs in a row but now you get a fine but if you can get away with it if there is more than four of you.”

A spokesman for which also lets other communities including music fans in Halesowen swap top tips about their hobbies, said: “No one person is responsible for it all and not all contributors will agree with all the opinions included. “