IN this new sci-fi thriller humans are choosing to live through robotic surrogates enabling them to stay indoors safe from danger, but also cut off from real life. If their robotic surrogate is murdered or killed in an accident - they just get a new model. Surrogate soldiers are sent to fight wars with their human operators safely behind closed doors.

But things go horribly wrong when a mystery weapon is developed that kills surrogates and their human controller - by frying their brains.

It falls on FBI agent Tom Greggs (Bruce Willis) to solve the conspiracy before billions of humans are wiped out.

As agent Greggs fights to save the human race he also wages a personal battle - the real agent Greggs desperately wants to connect with his wife (Rosamund Pike). The pair have grown apart because she has retreated from real life after becoming traumatised at the death of the couple's young son and only wants them to live through their surrogates even behind closed doors.

He might not realise at the start of his quest but winning the battle to save the human race will automatically reconnect agent Greggs with his wife.

Surrogates is a thought-provoking thriller that raises questions about an increasingly dehumanised society. There are some good action chases and enough twists and turns to keep the audience gripped throughout.