PARRY People Movers will soon be gracing the towns of America after a major breakthrough for the Cradley Heath company.

US firm Tidewater Developments will install America’s first circulator transport system on Laurel Island in the picturesque state of Georgia.

PPM chairman John Parry said: “Laurel Island could become the first modern American example of Transit-Oriented Development.

“This deal is the first chink in the armour of a massive multi-million pound potential market for us in America.

“The country is falling back in love with the tram because of the environmental benefits and we have the right product at the right time.

“Americans have come over and seen the Stourbridge line and think it is perfect because there are no overhead structures which has always been the objection to trams in the US.

“I visited Georgia in early September and confirmed the suitability of the location for tramway construction and operation.”

And Parry People Movers has invited its American agent Kevin Hart Associates on to its board to ensure the transatlantic working relationship blossoms.

A PPM spokesman added: “Kevin Hart Associates have now been given the task of project managing the design, promotion and realisation of the PPM circulator system which is likely to be first of its kind in North America.”

“Facilities have been created at KHA’s offices in East Maple, Michigan where visiting Parry personnel can work alongside their American colleagues.”

He added: “And Kevin, who is a fantastic architect, meanwhile, has accepted the invitation to join the board of JPA.”

The Laurel Island development is set to include over 1,300 new homes and all the facilities associated with a thriving new town and is designed to reduce residents’ reliance on the car.

And if successful the line, which will provide transport for the development, could be extended to nearby towns and cities.

The spokesman added: “Political leaders and officials of the small cities of St Mary’s and Kingsland have been made aware of this possible light rail development and various extensions of the circulator system are being contemplated.”

Parry People Movers, which is based in Overend Road, currently provides the Stourbridge branch line with its Class 139 light railway cars.