Simon Amstell, Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, Monday October 26 Former Never Mind the Buzzcocks presenter Simon Amstell laid bare his insecurities when his latest stand-up vehicle rolled in to Woverhampton on Monday night.

Wearing his trademark black T-shirt and skinny jeans combo, sardonic Amstell launched into a break-neck rundown of his relationship gripes and romantic preferences during his disappointingly brief one-hour set.

This show, part of his nationwide 'Do Nothing' tour, was more personal than his last as it focused on his crippling social awkwardness, his seemingly fruitless quest for the perfect partner and his determination to be more spontaneous in all matters – but especially in love.

He shared his preference for rakishly thin men who exude shyness and vulnerability and, in typically controversial fashion, cited Jesus Christ as his dream man.

He admitted to bouts of loneliness and said the twin bathroom sinks he once considered luxurious were now a constant reminder of his romantic failings – and the fact he shares his flat with only a cat.

A self-confessed nerd, Amstell said he lacked confidence off stage and often got obsessed by people he considered to be out of his league.

He even revealed he had once left a showbiz party because he felt he didn't deserve to be in the same room as movie star Keanu Reeves.

With so much personal material in this show it was, at times, difficult to relate to his point of view – his experiences of prejudice in his Jewish family being just one topic which didn't seem to quite hit the mark with the audience. And with so many subjects being covered at an astonishing pace it was difficult to fully take on board this cerebral comic’s thought processes.

In the main, Amstell was well received but, by his own admission, when applause occasionally came it was not from the whole theatre – and, unusually, there was no encore.

Perhaps some of his Wolverhampton followers were left feeling a little short-changed by his 60-minute routine.