Ed Byrne, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Thursday November 5

AS COMEDY pedigrees go, Ed Byrne’s is right up there so I had pretty lofty expectations before taking in his award-winning Different Class stand-up show.

The Irish funnyman has an admirable comedy CV with successful UK and international tours – including a sold-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – plus numerous film and TV appearances including shows like Mock the Week and Never Mind the Buzzcocks under his belt.

Perhaps the bonfire night scheduling had some bearing but the talented Mr Byrne found himself performing to a reasonably full but nowhere near sold-out Civic.

But this didn’t put him off and those who had chosen to forsake fireworks for a night of explosive comedy weren’t disappointed.

Ed was on sparkling form as he turned the spotlight on his own inability to fit in – whether it be in terms of class, age or gender.

He considers himself to be half toff, half pikey and wore a t-shirt and jeans in the first half and changed into a suit in the second to hammer home the point.

With a working class dad and a middle class mum he has never been sure where he stands socially – he now earns enough money to be called middle class but is embarrassed to admit he goes skiing.

He told a very funny story about eating a pheasant which flew into his patio doors – an upper class friend said it was definitely posh to eat off the land but that he’d given himself away by not calling them French doors!

His comments about his recent wedding, how much he hates wedding planners, wanting to buy expensive plates just to show up snooty shop assistants and what it feels like to be treated as a grown-up now he’s married were brilliantly observed.

And, after an enthusiastic encore request, Ed shared his thoughts on past audiences including Kings Lyn – “weird” – the Riverside Studios, London – “stupid but enthusiastic” – and Wolverhampton – “just right”!

Try to catch this fantastic show, currently making its final tour of the country, while you’ve still got the chance.