A Halesowen company has been chosen by computer giants Microsoft to feature in its new advertising campaign. Simon Washbrook, Director of Alkaline Design and Marketing, will appear in a video which he hopes will put his company in the limelight throughout the business world.

He said: “It is an amazing opportunity to be partnering with Microsoft on this campaign – and especially to know that it will help make a difference to so many small businesses, who often struggle to meet sales targets and then don’t have time to work on their business.”

The Microsoft video interview focuses on customer retention.

He said: “The constant battle to win new business is a tough one, but many small businesses are so focused on new customers that they often forget to think about targeting their existing ones. “To combat this, Alkaline Design and Marketing suggest that e-mail Marketing, when done properly, can be a brilliant tool for retaining customers“.

Halesowen’s Richard Webster Photography have been working with Alkaline Design and Marketing and have now identified new opportunities by focusing on their existing client base.

Simon added: “Not only have we re-initiated old relationships, but by using e-mail Marketing, we now have a targeted way to promote specific business services.” “For us, the secret to success has been following up on the qualified leads that it generates.” To celebrate their success, Alkaline are giving away a free guide to improving your business email marketing on their website – www.alkalinedm.co.uk/MS.