Mrs Celia Wilkie welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the New Year.

After announcing club notices including details of the charity evening to be held on February 25 she then introduced the demonstrator for the evening Mrs Anita Wright from Stafford who had braved the weather conditions to make her eighth visit to the club.

The title for her demonstration was ‘Purely for Pleasure’ and each display depicted something which is pleasurable in her life.

She began by creating a large flowing arrangement in a picture frame –this was the ‘Pleasure of remembering’, reminding her of people in various photographs in her own home.

A lovely selection of flowers and foliage including pink lilies, carnations and golden rod were used to good effect.

Then came the ‘Pleasure of a windowsill’ using a large birch-covered trough which finally held a selection of Spring flowers including daffodils, hyacinths contorted hazel and with striking yellow orchids made a horizontal display in the modern manner.

‘Pleasure of the garden’ was portrayed in an unusual way by using a large garden sieve (balanced upright) which supported a curving arrangement on top and a large L-shape at the base in shades of cerise and pink including gerbera, carnations, tulips, lilies etc. This was an unusual but successful method of using a garden implement.

‘Pleasure of birds’ was effectively portrayed with the use of a tall white bird house. Flowers used were white and green – September flower, large white chrysanths, lilac and marbled laurel .

The addition of a white, large, chubby, friendly owl completed the picture, making a delghtful winter scene.

A modern design creating three diagonal placements within an open metal framework was ideal for the ‘Pleasure of using a new stand’.

Pink anthuriums,roses and sea-holly were used and with coils of cerise wire linking everything together the new stand was used in just one possible way. The last exhibit was simply ‘Pleasure of flower arranging’. A large modern metal cone-shaped container was used which finally held an all-round design with orange roses rising from curled aspidistra leaves, red-flowered skimmia, cream carnations and gypsophila, the final effect being very pleasing to the eye.

Anita had been very entertaining with amusing chat about family ,friends and events.and with hints and tips on floral art it had been an interesting night for everyone. Mrs Hazel Knowles gave a vote of thanks on behalf of everyone ,thanking her for brightening a January day and wished her a safe journey home to Stafford.

Mrs Cynthia Slade was winner of the competition ‘Winter charm’. Next club night is on February 11 at the Shenstone Theatre at 7.30pm when Mrs Joan Southerton (Stourport ) will demonstrate ‘Special Occasions’. Visitors welcome, £3.50.