A 23-year-old Halesowen man seen standing in a Kung Fu pose weilding a pair of nunchucks ended up being knocked unconscious to the ground.

The two men carried out their own form of "summary justice" on Sami Noor before fleeing from the scene, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

Recorder James Burbidge QC told Noor, "That is the trouble with street fighting - there are times when you end up much worse off than the other man."

He added, "Those who fight in the street normally go straight to prison. If you fight again in the future that is where you will definitely end up."

The Recorder admitted he was not satisfied who started the fight adding: "I do not know if you were the main protagonist. But if it had been proved you produced this weapon you would have gone to prison."

Noor of Foxhunt Road, Halesowen admitted affray and he was made the subject of an 18 months Supervision Order after the Recorder ruled it was clear he needed "guidance and help."

Mr Oliver Woolhouse defending said the nunchucks, also known as rice flails, did not belong to Noor - he had simply picked them up because there were other men around him.

He said Noor was kicked into unconsciousness by the two men adding, "Some form of summary justice was immediately meted out."

Mr Gurdeep Garcha prosecuting said a man working at the Chevrolet Garage in Dudley Road, Halesowen saw Noor in an altercation with the two other men.

Noor was holding the set of rice flails in a Kung Fu pose and he was seen to strike the one man on the shoulder about three of four times.

He was being aggressive and intimidating, said Mr Garcha, but he then ended up on the floor where he was kicked about four times and he was still in a prone position when police officers arrived on the scene.