The chairman welcomed the members of Hawne Townswomen’s Guild to the first meeting of the new decade.

She thanked the secretary, Mollie Cole, for arranging the pre-Christmas lunch at the Whittington Inn.

Along with members from three other guilds we enjoyed a lovely lunch and were entertained by singer Maggie O’Hara.

Everyone agreed the Christmas party was a great success.

As always the buffet, which is supplied by the guild members, was varied, plentiful and delicous This year we were entertained by the 3rd Halesowen Girls Brigade Plate Bell Ringers, led by Sue Cox.

Many of us had not heard plate bell ringers before or indeed been aware that such instruments existed so it was a new and enjoyable experience for us.

A group of us braved the snow and ice to go to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre to see a performance of A Christmas Carol.

As always, at the Repertory Theatre, the well known and familar story was given a differant treatment.

Mr John Billingham, a former geography teacher and local history author, was the evening speaker.

Mr Billingham began his talk by asking us do you remember the 1950s?

Well, yes we do. We were taken on a trip down memory lane.

We were reminded of children’s games, rationing, hire purchase and early televison programmes.

But what we all remembered clearly was the music – Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and the beginning of Rock and Roll.

For futher information call 0121 602 6572. Vistors are very welcome.