The March meeting was well-attended and after announcing club notices, Mrs Celia Wilkie introduced Mrs Janet Woodfield (Worcs) who had chosen 'Flowers – my way ' as the title for her demonstration.

This very friendly chatty lady has visited the club on numerous occasions and has always provided a good varied evening for everyone.Her demonstration was all about going down memory lane – using designs and containers which reminded her of someone,something or somewhere ie George Smith (a favourite demonstrator) was portrayed by the creation of a traditional triangle in a large cream and gold urn using a good selection of flowers and foliage in creams and golds in the George Smith manner.

A walk in the country as a child with a favourite aunt was suggested by a selection of Spring flowers and foliage in a tall wicker container.

A memorable holiday cruise was portrayed by using a tall metal open stand which finally held two placements in bright exotic colours – bronze, orange, reds, purple etc.

Other arrangements followed suit, portraying pleasant memories of people or events,using appropriate containers and flowers.

Janet is a very friendly outgoing lady and gave a variety of ideas in both the traditional and modern manner.

A wide selection of flowers and foliage was used during the evening, all in immaculate condition.

Mrs Margaret Kimberlin gave a very warm vote of thanks on behalf of everyone. Next club night is on April 8 at the Shenstone Theatre at 7.30pm when Mrs Beryl Griffiths (Glos), a favourite for many years at the club,will demonstrate ‘Anything goes’.

Visitors always welcome, £3.50. Club competition ‘National Treasures’.