At the April club night, Mrs Cynthia Slade announced £1,300 had been raised from flowers for Mothering Sunday and the charity evening in addition to monies already in hand for Help for Heroes. The club will provide an exhibit in the library to celebrate St George's Day and there will be an open evening on June 9 in the Cornbow Hall when Mrs Sue Blandford will present ‘Colours rich and glorious. Admission £7. A few seats are still available for the trip to Hampton Court gardens on June 17. Plants are required for sale for charity for the May meeting. Cynthia introduced Mrs Beryl Griffiths (Longhope) demonstrator for the evening on ‘Anything Goes’. Beryl is a longstanding friend of the club and this was her ninth visit. A good night can always be predicted and this was no exception. She began by using a wide curving slatted ‘bridge’ which supported a flowing inverted crescent design in orange and yellow, using tulips, roses and gerbera with mixed foliage placed on an orange chiffon drape. A seascape was produced on a metal stand (with three swirling metal fish) in purples and pinks, using hyacinths, lilies, purple twigs and seafans and with the use of a sea green/blue drape gave a modern imaginative feel of the sea. A tall cream pot with brush strokes of various colours held mixed foliage and hyacinths, carnations and gerbera. A large metal grid was used to create a touch of spring, supporting contorted hazel and mixed spring flowers and with a second placement added later gave an overall feel of spring season. Two tall bronze/black pots held contorted hazel and a selection of lime green foliage and shamrock, chrysanths, carnations and orchids. A third pot made an unusual grouping. Swirls of green cane linked all containers together. Her last design celebrated 50 years of NAFAS. A gold shallow open woven basket at an angle on a gold tripod held gold foliage and roses, chrysanth blooms, carnations and conifer. A second arrangement was linked with flowing material of ‘liquid gold’ and gold mesh. Beryl's outgoing personality made it a good night for everyone. Mrs Margaret Parton gave a very sincere and complimentary vote of thanks. Winner of the competition ‘National treasure’ was Mrs Wendy Sloper. The next meeting is on May 13 when Mr Michael Kemp (Chirk) will present ‘Wonders of Amateur Dramatics’. There will be a plant sale for charity at the Shenstone Theatre at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome, £3.50.