A CAMPAIGN has been launched objecting to plans to add another three metres to the height of a mobile phone mast outside a Hasbury park after fears that it could cause health problems.

Glasgow-based WFS Telecom has applied to Dudley Council to replace an 11.4m high Vodophone telecommunications tower with one towering 14.5m over Huntingtree Park.

Hayley Green and Cradley South councillor Ken Turner is urging residents to object to the proposal in Huntingtree Road.

“Scientifically we are told there is nothing to prove a link between phone masts and health, but neither is there any evidence to prove there isn’t a link.

“This location, being close to a primary school and within the contours of the park where children and adults are going to use the healthy hub, is not appropriate and we need to object,” he said.

Cllr Turner is delivering forms to householders which they can complete and return to him stating their objections. He has received 20 replies so far and anyone who has not received a form, but would like one, should contact him on 0121 501 3930.