Colours rich and Glorious brightened the stage at the Cornbow Hall in June, when the club's special open evening and fundraiser for Help for Heroes took place.

Mrs Celia Wilkie welcomed and thanked everyone for supporting the event and explained that Sue Blandford who was to have been demonstrator, had been taken ill and was unable to attend.

Celia welcomed and thanked Bob Harris who had willingly stepped in and taken her place – the club appreciate Bob's generosity in this gesture.

He is well-known in our area and everyone gave him a warm reception.

He carried the evening along in his own inimitable style and the displays he produced were superb in colour and design.

Everyone enjoyed his presentation and as usual his tales of family,friends and happenings in his life are always interesting and often amusing to hear about; from his travels, bargains bought, and his love of Shirley Bassey.

He is very out-going – a lover of family, life and colour.

His choice of flowers were superb in condition, variety and colour.

After setting the scene with tall exhibits in lime greens and yellow at each side of the stage his displays were produced using: a large tree branch with red plant material; a double arbour in whites and brown; a fascinating and imaginative underwater world in two placements of purples and pink complete with sea-fans, corals, shells and pearlised fish (including lots of sprays of Singapore orchids to suggest shoals of fish); yellow sunflowers making a three placement exhibit over and under a ‘table’.

The grand finale in his favourite colour pink, was exceptional: a gold urn holding one arrangement and three complementary tall placements plus a gold figurine, all in pinks purple and white, using pink lilies in abundance.

He really presented Colours rich and Glorious in every sense of the phrase using roses, gerbera, lilies, varied orchids to name but a few.

He finished his presentation on a lovely note with a blessing in prose for everyone.

Our special guest Andrew Lloyd gave a very complimentary vote of thanks to Bob, putting into words what we all felt about him coming and giving such pleasure.

People who won the flowers went home delighted. It had been a good evening for everyone and our charity Help for Heroes benifitted by over £200 raised from the sale of cards, plants, books and tombola.

The club thank all who came along – we do appreciate your continued support of our efforts.

Next club night is on July 8 when the demonstrator Mrs Lorena Dyer has chosen ‘Memories are made of this’ as her subject.

Visitors welcome £3.50.