Craig Murray, writer, Human Rights activist and former British ambassador to Uzbekistan gave an assembled audience in The United Church a real night to remember on Wednesday June 23.

Craig Murray was penalised for standing up for Human Rights in a totalitarian regime.

That is crystal clear. He never toed the line with US/UK foreign policy and so he was removed from his post.

Eloquent, erudite, principled and speaking without notes, the Halesowen audience was captivated by the author of “Murder In Samarkand.”

One left the venue feeling privileged to hear someone who has been in such a high post speak so openly and with such conviction.

Politicians need look no further than Mr Murray to see an example of a man of principal.

Halesowen's very own Margaret Pickford and Anna gave us a wonderful start to the evening with a piece of moving music from “Schindler's List.”

Ernest Cruchley chaired the meeting with aplomb and it was all organised by Halesowen Global Justice Group.

Group spokesman Chaz Stoll said: “Whilst in England we admire footballers, singers and actors,and that's right – they are talented people.

“Tonight the whole audience looked up to, and were thankful for, a man of true integrity, Craig Murray.”