CLUCKING hell! The face of Jesus Christ has appeared on a Rowley Regis chicken’s feathers.

The phenomenon of Acheiropoieta has captivated believers for centuries with the face of The Messiah appearing on toast, shrouds, cider bottles, toilet doors and irons.

But now Gloria the Rowley Regis chicken can be added to the list as the heaven sent hen is believed to be the first bird to have the holy face appear on her feathers.

Gloria’s amazed owner, policeman Mitchell Grainger, couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked at a photo of his chicken having a dust bath.

He said: “I literally said ‘Jesus Christ’ when I saw the picture. The face of Jesus is clear to see and when I showed my mom she even pointed out the ring of thorns.”

What makes the story even more poignant is that Gloria is lucky to have stayed alive long enough for the image to appear on her feathers. “It is strange that it would appear on Gloria because not long ago she was the only chicken out of 20 that wasn’t killed by a fox. She was standing on the step when he came and miraculously wasn’t touched.

“That's why we called her Gloria, after Gloria Gaynor’s song I Will Survive.”

And Mitchell has vowed that the plucky hen will live a long life and not end up in a spicy chicken vindaloo.

He said: “Seeing the image wont mean that I’m going to rush to church every week but I am going to keep her as long as she lives and there is no way she will be eaten by anyone.”