ACCLAIMED director Christopher Nolan’s new movie doesn’t so much blur the lines between dreams and reality - it distorts them beyond recognition.

But that’s what makes Inception so watchable - it challenges and confuses but creates mind-blowing, unique worlds where anything goes.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays corporate spy Dom Cobb whose highly-prized skill is the dangerous art of extraction - stealing valuable secrets from a person’s subconscious during the dream state. But Cobb’s ability has also made him an international fugitive and cost him his family.

So when he is offered the chance to win it all back with the cliched ‘one last job’ he agrees to try to accomplish inception where the aim is not to steal an idea but to plant one in the mind of a target.

Joining forces with a specialist team he sets out to commit the perfect crime but nothing prepares them for the dangerous enemy which predicts their every move.

DiCaprio is at his best here as his emotional, natural performance allows us to buy into this mult-layered dream-world which defies physics and is like nothing you’ll have ever seen before.

The meticulous CGI and cinematography, especially the ingenius playing with perspective and proportion, make for an amazing spectacle and clearly contributed significantly to the film’s rumoured $170m budget.

Although the multi-layered plot is hard to follow at times - keeping track of what’s happening in simultaneous dreams takes real concentration - director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Insomnia) does a good job of keeping it logical.

The heavy-going themes of life, death and what may be inbetween are balanced by the pure entertainment of whatever the characters’ imaginations can conjure up - from zero-gravity fight scenes to crumbling cities and vertical streets in imaginary lands.

There are no weaknesses in the supporting cast but Ellen Page as Cobb’s dream architect Ariadne and Marion Cotillard as his dead wife Mal are both superb.

This is a must-see movie but be warned - blink and you’ll miss something crucial!