The August meeting of Halesowen Gardeners Club was held on Monday August 2 in the Shenstone Theatre. Members were informed that some £160 had been raised at the club plant sale in June and all were thanked for their contributions of plants and for purchasing plants on the night. The trip to Hunters End Garden in July had been well attended and the club had received a thank you note from Colin and Norma Page for visiting their garden with an invitation to go back there again anytime as they had enjoyed the evening as much as club members. Members were informed that John Young's garden ‘Tall Trees’, Grange Hill, Halesowen, will be open on Saturday September 4. There is an admission charge of £2 to include coffee and cake with all proceeds to St Margaret's Church.

The title of our talk for the evening was 'Exotics in the Garden' and our speaker was Adrian James. Mr James had become interested in growing exotic plants following his travels in South Africa, Asia and Central America. His aim was to have exciting plants in the garden which would give an exotic feel and extend the growing season.

To provide this look to the garden many of the plants he used were tender perennials and would not survive over winter outdoors. Adrian, with excellent photographs, illustrated how he grouped different plants together to get his exotic feel to the garden and gave an insight into the care and attention required to achieve his aims. Cannas were a particular favourite of Mr James and he showed different forms of Canna such as Canna indica Purpurea and water Cannas which he used as marginal plants. Dahlias particularly with dark foliage were incorporated into the mix of the more exotic plants which included, Ipomoea – morning glory, Plectranthus, Hedychium – ginger lily, Eucomis – pineapple lily, Agapanthus, Agave and Aloes. Large foliage plants such as Fatsia japonica, Ricinus, Rheum and various forms of Musa – bananas were used to give a jungle effect. Mr James then concluded his talk with views of his own garden and gardens that he had visited in this country with an exotic theme. The next meeting of Halesowen Gardeners Club will be on Monday September 6 in the Shenstone Theatre commencing at 7.30pm. All visitors are most welcome.

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