CYCLISTS are furious after claiming new road markings at Shell Corner island will cause chaos and crashes.

The new markings for cyclists on Long Lane and Nimmings Lane were branded ‘dangerous’ by the Stourbridge Bicycle Users Group.

Russell Eden, from the group, which has over 260 members, said: “Though these markings have been put down for cyclists they are outrageous and dangerous for cyclists.

“This is a classic case of Dudley Council doing something from the car drivers point of view and not what any sensible cyclist would want.”

The group, who help learner cyclists master the roads, claims the new markings send the cyclists around the outside of the island and leave cyclists exposed to drivers who will not see them.

Mr Eden said: “This is lethal because drivers and cyclists will have no idea what is going on and will be left as vulnerable as can be.

“Dudley Council have history with making awful decisions when it comes to cyclists, whoever is in charge of highways can never have rode a bike, it is just a tick-box mentality which doesn’t leave room for common sense.”

“I think they have will go back to the drawing board after this mess on Long Lane, they had to remove cycle systems before.”

He added: “And what is annoying is that this all comes out of taxpayers money.“ However, the council defended the recent changes around Long Lane and claimed cyclists were now safer.

Councillor Angus Adams, cabinet member for transportation, said: "We have installed the new cycling features as a measure to address concerns following a number of recent injuries involving people on bikes. We will, however, continue to monitor how effective the new measures are in providing safer journeys for cyclists and make any alterations where necessary."

Mr Eden has attended meetings of the Dudley Cycle Forum but believes they are a waste of time.

“We come up with suggestions and explain what needs to be done across the borough but council just disagree with everything we say.”

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