A BIRMINGHAM emcee and Hip Hop songwriter is preparing for the biggest gig of his life after being invited to perform at Glastonbury.

Jimmy Davis, who has played a series of successful warm up gigs throughout the Midlands, is on the verge of finishing his second studio album and is hoping Glastonbury will be a springboard to further success.

He said: “Playing Glastonbury is one of those iconic moments in anyone’s music career and mine is no different.

“The opportunities that can come as a result of a memorable set at Glastonbury are enormous and it is the perfect environment to showcase my new material to the world.

"In the last few weeks I have had some great gigs at the Warwick Arts Centre, the Bulls Head in Moseley and the Roll Right Fayre Festival, receiving a wonderful reception from new and old fans."

“My first album Belief Passion Commitment was released a few years ago and is now on ITunes but more importantly I am within touching distance of finishing my masterpiece, Existence is the Sound of Love.

“It has been an ongoing project but everyone involved is agreed that you can’t rush perfection and to get the chance to showcase some of these new tunes at Glastonbury is fantastic.

The album is set to be one of the seminal releases in the history of Hip Hop in Birmingham bringing together different strands of urban culture, fusing a variety of sounds and genres, and giving a rasping critique of what modern life is like.

Davis has a back story that surpasses anything of the privately educated acts that seem to be taking over the charts.

The 29-year-old turned around his life after the problems of his youth resulted in him being homeless. Instead of surrendering to fate the Brummie worked on his music and, pushed by a desire to prevent others befalling the same pitfalls as himself, became a mentor to youngsters.

He now works with children who have fallen out of the education system and tries to build their confidence and realise their talent through the art of emcee-ing and music production.

“There are so many things that are wrong with Birmingham and the world we live in but I get to work with some amazing youngsters who show glimpses of talent that would blow any London A+R man’s mind.

“I’ve used Hip Hop to get so called troubled kids lives to feel great about themselves and they all know when I am at the biggest music festival in the world that I’m carrying part of them with me on stage.”

“I am not nervous at all about Glastonbury because I feel my life has always been building towards this moment. I will be aiming to give the most inspirational performance of my life ... as I do at every gig I play.

Jimmy Davis is performing on the Croissant Neuf stage at Glastonbury on the opening night of music, Thursday 23 June at 10:00pm.