INNOCENT residents living in the housing block where a boy was found in Oldbury have been driven out of their home for fear of being beaten to a pulp by anti-paedophile protestors.

Every resident at Lowrey Court, Bristnall Hall Road, demanded to be moved after threats were made and a protest was held outside their property on Thursday.

Despite West Midlands Police and the owner of the property Adullam Homes repeatedly confirming the property was not a bail hostel the residents, some of which have lived their for over a decade, have been forced to move out.

Though Sandwell United Parents have repeatedly denounced any type of violence a frenzied culture of recrimination has surfaced by other members of the community which has led to threats of physical violence.

Adullam Homes released a statement confirming the residents had moved.

A spokesman said: “The safety of the public and our residents is of paramount concern.

“Adullam does not run bail hostels and is not part of the Statutory Criminal Justice System.

“We want to continue to work with the local community to resolve this matter and move forward positively.

This property has been in existence for 21 years, successfully providing homes to vulnerable people, the property in question has though been under review in terms of future management and how we best meet the local community changing needs.

“Adullam homes now intend to rehouse the current tenants for their own protection and safety, even though they are innocent of any wrong doing in connection with the incident.”

Inspector Ian Massey, who is responsible for policing in the Oldbury area, said: "We are aware of public concerns that have been raised, and a number of rumours that continue to spread amongst the community, regarding Lowrey Court.

"I would reiterate that the block of flats is owned by a housing association, and the flats are let to independent tenants.

“This is not a bail hostel or any other kind of managed premises as part of the criminal justice system.”

"Some of the residents have lived there for many years, but as a result of the concerns within the community over the course of the past few days all of those residents have now opted to leave and have been re-housed, as a result of fear of reprisals at the premises.

"Therefore the flats are now vacant and have been secured pending consultation between the housing association and the community regarding their future."

Bristnall Councillor Steven Frear who has worked with the Sandwell United Parents, which was set up in the wake of the kidnapping of the boy on Sunday, is saddened by the developments.

He said: “I have worked with the residents in Lowrey Court over the years and it is sad that threats have been made. But it in the current climate I can understand why they wanted to be moved, I think it is sad that some valued members of the community have been forced to move out of this ward after doing nothing wrong.”

Michael Jonathan Jackson, of Bristnall Hall Road, Oldbury, appeared before Warley Magistrates Court on 16 November to face charges of kidnap, false imprisonment, threats to kill and sexual assault of a 10-year-old boy.

The 49-year-old, who changed his name by deed poll to that of the American pop star, was also charged with a further count of child abduction.

This relates to a separate incident on September 14 in which an 11-year-old girl from Oldbury was allegedly abducted.