LABOUR in Halesowen have warned residents about the dangers of dog mess which they believe could result in someone being killed.

Two Labour local election candidates have joined forces to combat Halesowen’s persistent problem of dog poop after constant complaints from residents.

Donella Russell in Belle Vale and Hilary Bills in Halesowen North are fed up with irresponsible dog owners leaving local streets and parks covered in the offending dog mess.

Mrs Russell, who is contesting the local elections in May, believes the problem could lead to poop dodging residents being run over.

Mrs Russell said: “Not only does dog poo look unsightly it is now becoming dangerous for people in many areas. walking to school parents and children are having to walk on the road to avoid the mess and one of these days someone will be killed.”

She added: “Irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul the pavements come top in complaints whenever Halesowen Labour seeks residents’ views.

“I am disgusted by the dog mess that is being left in Halesowen, 95 per cent of dog owners are responsible and when taking the dogs out they are happy to clean up there dogs mess and dispose of correctly.

However, it is the other 5 per cent that give dog owners a bad reputation.”

She added: “More bins need to be added and those we already have need to be emptied more.”

Hilary Bills took on the issue after residents’ complaints about a disgusting local dog owner.

She said: “I have been told about one dog owner who collects their dog’s excrement in a plastic bag and then throws the bag into residents’ gardens or even ties the bags to bushes.

“I have written to all the residents of the Firth Park estate telling them to be on the lookout for the offender and who to report to on seeing anything suspicious.

“I hope that the offender would read the letter and change their ways.”

Mrs Bills hopes Dudley Council will clampdown on the irresponsible owners and install more dog waste bins.

She said “Allowing your dog to foul the pavement is a criminal act and anyone caught is liable to prosecution.”