Cinderella – by Startime Variety - at Netherton Arts Centre - review by Miriam Balfry

We (myself and my daughter), saw the greatest show on Thursday night, no not The Greatest Showman, but the equally talented Startime Variety cast, performing Cinderella.

The opening featured the on trend song Greatest Show blended with Best Day of my life. This allowed the talented musicians to shine.

It set the tone for the rest of the night. With vibrant and colourful costumes, singing and dancing better than Broadway according to my daughter.

Clive Ditchfield’s Baron had the audience moaning, with his bad jokes and banter with us.

To counter act the humour we had Olivia Chester as young Cinderella with a sweet singing voice, along with a charming Amelie Alderson’s Cinderella and Gemma’s Mill’s Prince Michael.

Holly Mill’s Verluptuous brought out the boo’s from the crowd. However her daughter’s Gorgan (Darcy Grainger) and Zola (Lee Ralph) had the best response. Their comedy duo pairing was a scene stealing turn.

In I believe his first time as a Dame, Lee Ralph fully immersed himself in the role, with gestures, facial expressions and some very funny interactions with the front few rows of the theatre. Including It’s Dave, a gentleman sat in the row behind us.

Even dealing with some unscripted moments with some clever adlibs.

The sister’s were fantabulous according to my daughter.

Completing the comedy genius of Gorgan and Zola, was a tipsy Fairy G with messed up spells and interplay with the stage hands in black.

Did Startime Variety deliver, well as the saying goes, if the shoe fits (or boot in this case), it did.