A STOURBRIDGE man who deliberately drove a stolen car at a group of terrified parents and children outside a school has been locked up for nine years.

One woman in panic threw a two-year-old toddler over a garden wall to protect the child and it was simply good fortune that everyone in the group managed to escape with bumps, cuts and bruises.

Kevin Campbell saw red because of a family dispute and he used the red Ford which had been stolen two days earlier as a "weapon' as he failed to control of his anger.

Judge Barry Berlin told the 30-year-old father-of-one his domestic problems had clearly caused outrage adding, "You ploughed into that group by mounting the pavement and you struck several of them."

He said it was the deliberate targeting of a group of vulnerable victims and his actions meant there was a serious risk of serious injury or death.

Campbell who said in an interview afterwards it was "just a brother thing" had been described in a report as being "anti-social and aggressive."

Richard MConaghy, prosecuting, said there were five adults and two children aged two and three in the group outside Hob Green Primary School in Hob Green Road, Stourbridge.

The adults had dropped off their children and they were on their way to take the toddlers to a nearby nursery, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

There was an on-going animosity between Campbell and members of the group and he deliberately drove the Ford B-Max at them as they stood on the pavement.

The two-year-old was thrown over the wall by a woman who then threw herself over the wall and she landed on the child as Campbell sped away from the scene.

Thankfully the injuries sustained by members of the group were relatively minor, said Mr McConaghy with Campbell who had been recognised by witnesses maintaining it was his brother who was driving the car when in fact he was with the other parents.

Campbell, of Vickers Walk, Stourbridge, had denied dangerous driving and seven charges of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm.

But he was convicted off all offences on unanimous verdicts from the jury at the end of his trial on what the Judge described as "overwhelming evidence."

Philip Brunt, defending, said Campbell accepted what he did that day was unforgivable adding, "He wanted to scare his brother and he went way beyond that. Frustration and anger boiled over."

He stressed it was one incident with appalling consequences adding: "It lasted a matter of seconds and for every one of those seconds of this terrible act he is going to face a long time in prison."

The judge further disqualified Campbell from driving for 10 years and four months and made him the subject of a 15 year restraining order forbidding him from having contact with members of the group.