MADAM - Global warming is an issue that won't go away. It can't be denied, especially when around 95% of the world experts on the climate agree that the Earth is warming up as a consequence of atmospheric pollution.

We, the inhabitants of this planet are already seeing the results of global warming, such as heat waves, drought, wildfires, storms and floods. Scientists working in Antarctica have estimated that as a result of melting ice, sea levels at the end of the century could rise by about 2 metres. The result would be catastrophic for people living near coastal areas or on low lying islands.

And yet, in the face of scientific scrutiny, some argue that pollution is not the problem, as the Earth is naturally experiencing a change in weather patterns. This line of argument is frequently taken by large fossil fuel companies President Trump continues to undermine the Paris Climate agreement and has specifically said he will pull out of the agreement in 2020, when the rules allow him to do so.

He takes the view that not doing so threatens the American economy.

Fortunately, as more and more people are becoming aware of climate change and the increasing threats to humanity, national and international movements and individuals are demanding new and sustainable energy models

This will ensure future generations will not suffer from today's short term inflexibility.

Edward Davies.

Stourbridge Friends of the Earth