A BRAVE-hearted police officer who was impaled after tackling a woman brandishing a knife in a Dudley supermarket, has been awarded for his selfless actions.

Response Sergeant James Harrison was impaled on a knife and required hospital treatment after tackling the knife woman to the ground in Asda in Dudley town centre, protecting the public in the process.

Sergeant Harrison and his team were called to the high street supermarket in June 2017 following reports of a woman waving a knife around.

James' team evacuated the store while James located the woman and attempted to calm her down.

The woman tried to evade his attempts and ran towards members of the public.

Fearing for their safety, he then tackled the woman before they both fell to the floor.

Unknown to Sergeant Harrison, the woman had another knife hidden in her handbag, which impaled the officer in the leg as he fell to the ground.

Despite his injury he managed to restrain the woman until other officers arrived.

Sergeant Harrison was awarded with a Chief Constable's Commendation on June 13 in recognition of his bravery.